Far East Advance Plastics Corp. launches the largest pipe technology in the PH during plant opening

“With this new technology, the government can quickly implement and build while saving on infrastructure projects and quickly address our flood problem not just in the Greater Manila Area but in the whole Philippines as well,” noted Mayor Roy Loyola, Municipality of Carmona. “Carmona is transforming from an industrial municipality into a commercial and financial district. Construction to make Carmona a smart city is underway. Definitely, FEAPC products will contribute to the success of this project.”

Far East Advance Plastics Corporation (FEAPC), the only provider of the biggest thermoplastic building materials for large-scale infrastructure projects in the Philippines, opens its newest manufacturing plant in Carmona, Cavite. With the latest advancements in material and manufacturing technologies including its flagship product Durapipe, FEAPC offers the best solution to the Philippines’ infrastructure challenges.

“FEAPC recognized the need to improve our country’s drainage, sewerage, flood control, and irrigation systems. It is our dream to provide durable and reliable infrastructure materials to our countrymen,” said Roberto Chan, Sr. FEAPC Chairman.

Flooding is a reflection of poor infrastructure materials. Traditional concrete pipes that line our water and drainage systems often break, collapse, and need constant repair and replacement. Now, there is a better alternative to concrete pipes.

The better alternative to concrete pipes

FEAPC produces the largest High-Density Polyethylene pipes used for drainage and sewerage systems, known as Durapipe. With its unique design, the structured wall HDPE pipe can withstand live loads like heavy traffic of trucks and cars. “Today, we live in a world where available material for building our nation and for building infrastructure are unreliable. Reinforced concrete pipes are prone to leakage and breakage. Durapipe helps resolve the problems of our water, drainage, and sewerage systems,” emphasized Neil Elpusan, FEAPC Marketing Head.

Durapipe does not break or react to chemicals. The ease of installation lowers the project cost making it a viable option for contractors and developers. Since Durapipe is made of pliable material, it is leak-proof even in the harshest conditions. In the case of sewage, the material flowing within Durapipe will never seep out and contaminate the body of water around it, unlike traditional concrete pipe systems which are prone to leaks and polluting our underground waters.

FEAPC also takes pride in the variety of Durapipe sizes, ranging from 300mm to 3,000mm.

Furthermore, Durapipe resists abrasion and cracks better than concrete. It can withstand external shock from earthquakes and heavy-duty vehicles.

Durapipe has been used in several infrastructure projects in Baguio City, Davao, Batangas, Laguna, Cavite, Pampanga, and Zambales.

World-class infrastructure solutions

FEAPC also produces PVC sheet pile called Durawall, a cost-effective alternative to steel or concrete for sheet piling. It is UV- and impact-resistant, sturdy, lightweight, and long-lasting. Its non-corrosive, non-rusting, and non-cracking properties make it perfect for sheet piling. Durawall is designed to last a long time and keep its structural integrity.
Duraroof, another flagship product of FEAPC, is made of high-quality homogeneous colored Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) materials that have no rusting, painting, or maintenance issues. It is an all-weather roofing and siding panel designed for tropical climates and High-Level Corrosive Areas such as the seashore and chemically hazardous areas.

With its advanced thermoplastic technology, Durapipe, Durawall and Duraroof can last up to 100 years.

Changing the infrastructure landscape

Construction material options in the Philippines are limited and expensive. Project contractors are looking for alternatives to meet demand and manage the cost.

“FEAPC aims to be a world-class partner in nation-building. We will provide world-class quality products at a reasonable and affordable price point,” noted FEAPC Chief Operations Officer Hubert Chan.

“We will correct the system and provide a good alternative to the traditional construction methods – fast installation, affordable price, and durable materials,” emphasized Mr. Oswald Gabaleño, Sales Manager.

With the commitment of its team and the state-of-the-art technologies at the plant, FEAPC assures an easier installation process for a shorter project completion time. FEAPC Carmona plant is equipped with the latest and the best quality control plan with testing equipment that ensures the prompt delivery of the best products.

To learn more about FEAPC and its products or schedule a product demo, send a message to info@feapc.ph or call (02) 8724-2893.

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