Republic Act No. 10173 otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 obliges Far East Advance Plastics Corporation (FEAPC), as a personal information controller, to let you know about your rights as a data subject. FEAPC respects the rights of its partners, customers, and consumers in the belief that success can be attained through the harmonious business relationships earned upon protecting the information it gets from its clientele and the public. It is in the interest of transparency that we wish to inform you about how our Company manages and protects your data and, in the process, how you can exercise your rights.


We collect only the personal information that you provide based on the product or service that you avail or intent to avail of from FEAPC. This information may include the following:

We may also collect data regarding your transactions, account activity, account information, inquiries about our products and services, and other personal data that is permissible or required by law.


Some information may be gathered with the use of cookies, which are small pieces of information stored on your browser that may be retrieved by the site. You may disable these cookies through the settings panel of your browser.


You may contact us through your social media account where we may ask for your name and contact details. In order for us to process your communication through such media, we may ask for your name and contact details. We will only collect your information with your consent.


We get information when you fill out our forms, when you contact us via social media, text or phone call, or when you use our website. We may also collect through our applications you use, emails and letters you send, customer surveys you answer, and our products and services you apply for or avail. Other information may be obtained from our affiliates and subsidiaries and credit investigation and rating agencies, whether private or government.


We will notify you on how, why, to whom, and how we collect your information. We will also disclose how you can access, modify or make a complaint. We will also notify you of personal data received from third parties and allow you to decide how we will handle it.


We record and store information through physical and electronic documentation. To protect this information, we take the necessary steps in order to preserve integrity and confidentiality and to avoid unlawful or unauthorized use. This may be through the enforcement of confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with our executives and employees engaged in the use, management, and protection of the information collected or the formulation and enforcement of rules and policies related to the storage, maintenance, access, security, and disposition of information.

We may avail of the services of third-party data storage providers to store information. With that, we require security measures like firewall and data encryption and ensure that the appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements are executed beforehand in compliance with the Data Privacy Act and other related laws.


Collected information is retained as long as necessary for the purpose it is intended for or as required by law. We will destroy your data once our purpose for its collection has ceased or when required by law or upon order by any government agency.


We collect and use your provided data to:

With your consent, we may let you know of new products, services, and promotions that you may have an interest in or where you may be qualified to avail. This may be made through the contact details that you may provide including but not limited to mail, phone, social networking services, and other third-party service providers. You may inform us if you wish to withdraw your consent to these notices and notifications regarding FEAPC and its services.


We share your information with the government and its agencies in accordance with law and other regulatory issuance, which includes compliance. We may also share your information to other persons, corporations or other third parties upon your consent. We will ensure that such third parties are able to provide the highest form of protection that is legitimately possible to safeguard your personal data.


You have the right to request us for a copy of personal information that you have provided us except for reasonable grounds caused by the law, contracts, orders, and directives from government tribunals, and independent causes.