Durawall is an innovative flooding solution

Durawall, innovation for flooding woes


Durawall is an innovative flooding solution

September 28, 2022 -Durawall is currently being used as a flood wall, lake wall, and sea wall in Batangas, Catanduanes, Cavite, Samar and many more provinces in the country that needs protection against flood. One reason is because nearly every job involving sheet piling benefits greatly from using Durawall. Compared to steel and concrete alternatives, it is less expensive. Durawall is resilient to UV rays and impacts while being durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. Also, no rust, corrosion, or cracking occurs as it was designed to keep its structural integrity for a long time.


But did you know that this innovative PVC sheet pile can be used in a lot more applications?

Check more of Durapipe’s application here:

  1. Dikes & Flood Walls                                                                                                                                                    For walls that provide flood protection, Durawall is a great choice. It is an affordable alternative for safeguarding flood-prone areas and can be used as a standalone wall, to raise the height of an existing dike, or in a terraced multi-wall system.
  2. Erosion Barriers                                                                                                                                                            Durawall has been used for a very long time to prevent erosion between land and water. Property near ponds, lakes, canals, and other waterways is vulnerable to erosion, which can cause the shoreline to diminish. With this, Durawall is needed as it is a long-term solution that stops erosion and enhances the property’s usability and functionality.
  3. Road Construction                                                                                                                                                            There are numerous ways to use Durawall in the construction of roads. In order to build and reduce the gravitational stress on the roadbed, Durawall has first been utilized as a retaining wall for highways that are built across slopes. The wall can also be used as a cut-off or seepage barrier to keep underground water away from road supports and bridge abutments.

Worldwide issues are continuously arising especially when it comes to wall structure. With Durawall, the problem will be reduced globally as they are designed to have an effective and durable foundation. 

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