DURAROOF: Protection that you can trust

Duraroof is made of top-grade homogeneous colored Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) materials. It was designed not only to provide all-weather roofing and siding panels but also to promote zero maintenance when it comes to rust painting problems. Nothing can stop Duraroof from protecting every household, especially for high-level corrosive areas like the seaside and other chemically fumed places. Other advantages of Duraroof are as follows:

 ·       Insulating Capacity – Unlike any other roofing and sliding sheets, Duraroof is 99.53% less thermal conductive in result to have a cooler environment. With this, consumers can save time consumption and additional expenses as they will no longer be installing heat-insulating materials. Also, electric power consumption will be reduced significantly.

·       Lightweight – Duraroof is composed of light granules materials which help reduce dead loads on roofing frame structures, lowering the overall cost of the structure and the foundation. It is also workably light that induces installation speed.

·     Impact Resistant – Duraroof is durable and resilient and can withstand high-impact loads without damage. It also has a UV Stabilizer that can protect households from hazardous sunrays and prevent from chalking, brittleness, and cracking when in place.

·   Fire Retardant – Duraroof is ready for fire emergency cases. It is made of non-flammable materials to prevent combustion. Unlike any other plastics, Duraroof carbonates when subjected to fire and will not drip or break up.

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